It’s possible, with 3D Touch, to find out about those folder notifications, like which apps have been pinged. This is an amazing find for me, since I’m a folder fanatic. I group my apps together, because there’s only so much room on a Home screen. Here’s the problem. Those notification numbers climb and we need a way to find out which apps are begging for attention.

3D Touch folder notifications

Learn more about those folder notifications with the help of 3D Touch

3D Touch Shows More About Folder Notifications

When you notice that your folders are showing numbers, it’s actually easy to find out which of the apps that folder has notifications. If you use 3D Touch and deep press on the folder, you’ll get a popup window that shows you which of the apps have those pesky notifications, and how many each one has.

From there, you can tap on an app name. You’ll be taken straight to that app, and can deal with your notifications. It’s definitely more efficient than opening the folder, browsing through all of your apps to find out which ones have notifications, and then tapping the right one.

It’s refreshing to find new 3D Touch options, especially since we know that Apple is taking at least one of them away from us in iOS 11. Watch this tip in action by way of Apple’s tweet about the feature.

Bonus Tip – Change the Folder Name

As an extra quick tip, that same 3D Touch action will also let you change the folder’s name. You can use that one even if none of the apps in that folder have notifications.

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