Here’s a List of Dark Mode Apps in macOS Mojave

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A website called Dark Mode List has a big list of Dark Mode apps on macOS Mojave. There are 75 apps in total, and the list is sure to grow once macOS Mojave is officially released this fall.

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Dark Mode Apps

Here are just some of the apps listed:

Image of macOS Mojave wallpaper, which has dark mode apps.

  • Night Eye: Dark mode on any site like Google, Facebook, Github, Stackoverflow, Medium and more.
  • ActiveDock: Improved Dock for macOS.
  • HazeOver: Turn your Mac into Dark Mode by automatically dimming all background windows.
  • Notion Dark Mode: Write, plan, collaborate, and get organized.
  • Forecast Bar: The most accurate and customizable weather app always available in your menu bar.
  • Raindrop: All in One Bookmark Manager.

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