You can use HomePod as a speaker for your Apple TV even though Apple doesn’t explicitly say that’s supported. Here’s how to link up your Apple TV and HomePod.

To use your HomePod as the speaker for your Apple TV, do this:

  • Launch the Settings app on your Apple TV
  • Choose Video and Audio
Apple TV settings for video and audio

Use the Video and Audio settings to play sound to your HomePod

  • Choose Audio Output
Apple TV audio output settings

Audio Output shows all available speakers, including AirPlay

  • Select your HomePod
Audio Output device list on Apple TV

Your HomePod should be in the available device list

Apple TV uses AirPlay to stream audio to your HomePod. That’s cool, but it comes with some limitations. First, if you use your HomePod for something else, like streaming music, you’ll have to go through the steps to reconnect the next time you want to use it with your Apple TV. Second, you’ll have to reconnect if your Apple TV reboots.

In our tests, HomePod works fine as an Apple TV audio out source. We didn’t see any latency that took the audio out of sync with the video, although dialog was difficult to hear in some TV shows and movies.

Still, if you don’t have another speaker system you can use with your TV this is an easy way to get better sound without having to buy more gear.

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Just curious if the TMO tip for linking my Beats Studio 3 headphones or other W-1 Chip headset to my apple TV would work.

When I want to switch to my headset at night to not disturb my wife or kids, I press and hold play for a few seconds and my Beats Studio 3’s get selected as the audio output strait away rather than having to navigate through all the menus.