Here’s How to Check for HomePod Software Updates

Home app Location button gets to HomePod software update

HomePod will do its best to keep its software up to date, much like Apple TV. If you want to make sure your smart speaker really is running the latest and greatest update you can do that, too, but it isn’t exactly intuitive. Read on to learn how.

To check for, and install HomePod software updates, do this:

  • Launch the Home app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Tap the Location icon in the upper left corner
  • Choose Home Settings
Home app Location button gets to HomePod software update
Use the Home app to update HomePod software
  • Select your HomeKit network
  • Tap Software Update
HomePod software update options in Home app
HomePod software update settings

If an update is available you’ll see it here. This is also where you can check to see which HomePod software version is currently installed, and enable or disable automatic updates.

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