As everyone who regularly uses Siri knows, the voice assistant isn’t always great at parsing follow-up questions.

Asking Siri Age of Movie Star

Siri Doesn't Respond to Follow-Up Questions Correctly

Yeah, ummmm…no. Just no, Siri.

When you’re using Siri to play music, though, you can correct it if it fails to do what you’ve requested, and I’ve found that this actually works pretty well. For example, if you ask for a song to be played and Siri chooses the wrong one from your library…

Asking Siri to Play a Song

…you can respond with something like “No, play the version by [artist]” or “I mean the [artist’s] version”:

Correcting Siri on Song artist

Another way to use this is to have Siri distinguish between songs and albums. So if you want to play an album with the same name as a song and Siri picks the wrong item, just tell it, like so:

Correcting Siri on Song Versus Album

Despite Siri’s shortcomings, I still use it tons; I’m a big Siri fan. But I would be an even bigger fan if it were a bit smarter! Just a bit—not Skynet smart, y’understand.

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Lee Dronick

Arguing with Siri? All day long. Her and I are scheduled to be the Jerry Springer Show, Dr. Phil said he didn’t have the skills to fix this relationship.