How to Turn Off Netflix Ads

Netflix user account option

Netflix is testing a new feature that plays ads for its own shows while you’re looking for what you want to watch. Not only is it horribly distracting, but it’s also really annoying. Here’s how to turn it off.

I first encountered the ads while scrolling through a list of TV show episodes. It was so distracting I had to mute my speakers to focus on what I was trying to actually find.

Since muting my TV to search on Netflix seemed like something I shouldn’t have to do, I decided to turn off the feature. Here’s how:

  • Log in to your Netflix account in a Web browser on your computer, smart phone, or tablet
  • Click the User menu in the upper right corner
  • Choose Account
Netflix user account option
Choose Account from the Netflix User menu
  • Click Test Participation
Netflix Text Participation option in Account Settings
Now choose Test Participation
  • Turn off Include me in tests and previews
Netflix Include me in tests and previews setting
Turn off Test Participation
  • Click Done

Now you can search for shows and movies without having to listen to ads for other Netflix content. I know my stress level is going down already.

One thought on “How to Turn Off Netflix Ads

  • If flipped this switch, but I still get loud, obnoxious previews on every show that the remote control lands on, using Apple TV 4. I just have to hit the mute button when scrolling through shows.

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