The Fastest Way to Insert Links in WordPress Articles

WordPress powers a lot of websites, around 35% by its own estimation. We use it for The Mac Observer and picked up tips and tricks along the way. One trick is the fastest way to insert links in WordPress articles.

⌘ + V

Usually, inserting a URL to text takes a click or two in the visual view of the article. In text view it can take longer to manually type out the HTML or Markdown code unless you use text expansion.

  1. Copy the URL you want onto your clipboard.
  2. In WordPress, highlight the word or sentence you want to create as a link, then directly copy and past by pressing Command (⌘) + V.
Insert URLs in wordpress
Unfortunately the web version of WordPress doesn’t let you use this trick on the iPad, so you have to tap the Link button and paste

And that’s it. This works in the Classic editor as well as the newer Block editor. However, it doesn’t work on the iPad even if you have a keyboard.

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