iOS 10 Maps ‘Overview’ Buttons Moved to the Swipe-Up Drawer

iOS 10 Maps Overview Button

The Maps app got a major overhaul in iOS 10. It has a new look and feel (that I like), as well as a new layout. One of the basic changes is that the Overview button moved from the main interface to the drawer at the bottom of the screen. Here’s how to find it.

Overview in Maps

The “Overview” is the top-down look at your entire route. It’s what you see before you press “Go,” but sometimes I want to see it mid-route to get a better idea of where I am or what’s coming up. This is especially true on long trips, at least for me.

Moved and Changed

In iOS 9, that Overview button was a plain-text button in the top panel in your Maps view. Apple moved it to the drawer at the bottom of Maps, and made it an icon, as shown in the image below.

iOS 10 Maps Overview
iOS 10 Maps Overview

Swipe Up

You’ll only get the Overview buttons when a route is in progress. To access the drawer, just swipe up on the drawer’s stub, as shown below.

iOS 10 Maps Drawer Stub
iOS 10 Maps Drawer Stub

That drawer is contextual, meaning that its contents are dictated according to when it’s accessed. If your route is in progress, you’ll also find Gas Stations, Lunch, Coffee, Details, and Audio.

If you have no route-in progress, the drawer holds the search bar and recent searches. If you have a location or pin selected, that drawer has information specific to that location.

1 Infinite Loop in iOS 10 Maps
1 Infinite Loop in iOS 10 Maps

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That would be great. I think the gas stations, etc. that can be used as side trips indicates that will be coming in the future.

Lee Dronick

There are two things that it still very much needs:

1. User selected waypoints so that we can plan side trips or otherwise adjust the route.

2. A distance scale that stays visible.