iOS 11: Where to Find iPhone Ringtones Besides iTunes

There are plenty of places to get iPhone ringtones aside from iTunes. Apps like Zedge have been popular for years, and there are other apps as well. We’ve found three apps that have cool ringtones and alert tones.


iPhone ringtones with Zedge.

Zedge is probably the most well known of the bunch. It offers ringtones across multiple categories, as well as notification sounds and other alert tones like text tones. Share ringtones on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Zedge is Free.


iPhone ringtones app.

With the Ringtones app you have access to thousands of ringtones across 27 categories. It also helps you create your own tones, and customize the tones in the app. Adjust the start/end markers, control fade in/out, and change the pitch and volume. Ringtones is Free.

Ringtones for iPhone & Maker

iPhone ringtones maker app.

Like the previous app, this one lets you create your own ringtones. Use your iPhone’s microphone, a soundtrack, or a song to customize and use. Or, choose a ringtone out of dozens of categories and pre-made tones. Ringtones for iPhone is Free.

5 thoughts on “iOS 11: Where to Find iPhone Ringtones Besides iTunes

  • To find original ring tones that were composed specifically for the purpose, Google “iRing Pro”. These ring tones used to be sold, but one of the two company founders passed away, and the other decided to make them free for downloading to commemorate him. They consist of three collections, Original, Tek and Zen. Each collection is further divided into two grades of tones, Meeting and Active. Meeting grade ring tones are designed to get your attention but not everyone else’s in a meeting; Active grade, to get your attention in noisy surroundings. I purchased these collections before they became free. Highly recommended.

      1. I tried the first one Zedge.
        A search for Modem turned up half a dozen or so of various lengths. Picked the best sounding two. Then came the work. You have to connect your phone to your Mac, open iTunes, drag the ringtones to the desktop, and reimport them. Zedge walks you through the process with some very good help screens. It’s not a Zedge problem, that’s just the way ringtones are handled in the Apple ecosystem..

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