Something that’s happened to me no less than ten times this week is that I’ll go to look up something on my iPhone, and Safari will pop down a suggestion from, say, the App Store or iTunes for what I’ve typed.

iPhone search results showing Fight Club suggestion

The problem with that, my dear readers, is because the suggestion may take a split second longer to load than the search results below it, I keep going to pick a result and inadvertently hitting the suggestion instead. Which has resulted in me saying some not-so-nice things to my poor defenseless iPhone. There is a really quick way to fix this, though, so let’s pop over to Settings and check it out, shall we? It’s under the Safari preferences.

Turning off Safari Suggestions in iPhone Settings

Toggle off “Safari Suggestions” there, and you’re good to go. And your search results will now not try to do anything fancy or extra.

Fight Club search results without Safari suggestions

Or frustrating. Yeah, that was the word I was looking for. Sorry, Apple.

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