Quitting apps on the iPhone X works a lot like it does in any other device running iOS 11, but with a couple differences—like knowing how to get to App Switcher so you can actually kill a running app. Read on to learn how it works.

iPhone X App Switcher gesture: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause

Swipe up and pause to see the iPhone X App Switcher, which is also where you quit apps

To quit apps on the iPhone X you first need to get to the App Switcher view. I detail that in another tip, but the short version is swipe up and pause.

iPhone X quit apps in App Switcher by pressing and holding on an app and then tap the quit button

Press and hold an app, then tap the quit button to close it

Once you’re in the App Switcher view tap and hold on any app until the Quit button appears at app’s top left corner. Now swipe through the apps until you find the one you want to quit and tap that little red button.

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Hmmm, This way seems slower. I am like you Jeff. Like you said on a podcast before. I also like to quit apps to keep it clean.
Hope they bring it back like they did the app switcher in 11.1