Kick Back and Relax With 5 Apple TV Video Streaming Apps

If you’ve recently picked up an Apple TV, or gotten one for the holidays, you might be wondering what kind of video streaming apps are available. Have no fear, because we’ve rounded up a great selection of apps to get started.

Movies Anywhere

apple TV video streaming apps movies anywhere

We’ve talked about this app before, and it’s a great app to use if you plan to buy movies from multiple sources. When you connect your online accounts like Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play, it automatically finds your movies from each platform and puts them all in iTunes for you. It’s owned by Disney and completely free. Plus, when you sign up you get five movies for free to get your collection started. | Movies Anywhere


apple TV video streaming apps sling tv

Sling is a live TV streaming service that lets you watch channels without cable. There are several packages to choose from, and the cheapest package—Sling Orange—gives you 30 channels for US$20 a month. It includes sports, on-demand shows and movies, and Cloud DVR (for an extra fee). You can even get certain international TV channels. | Sling TV

Amazon Prime Video

apple TV video streaming apps amazon prime video

Amazon has its own movie and TV show streaming service that recently came to the Apple TV. At US$8.99 a month, you have access to a vast library of content. You can view IMDB data about the actors, songs, and trivia related to your movies during playback with a feature called X-Ray. | Amazon Prime Video


apple TV video streaming apps netflix

Netflix is probably the first thing that comes to mind for video streaming. Netflix gives you access to movies and TV shows, as well as new original content that the company produces. The company just increased its prices though; the standard HD plan is now US$10.99 a month. | Netflix


apple TV video streaming apps hulu

Hulu is another popular addition to video streaming apps. It gives you plenty of movies and TV shows to choose from, but also gives you access to live TV. You can get a monthly plan with limited commercials for US$7.99, or a plan with no commercials for US$11.99 a month. | Hulu

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