Create a LEGO iPhone 12 Pro Max Replica to Judge its Size

LEGO iPhone 12 pro max

Last month I shared a phone size comparison tool to compare the sizes of various smartphones. It’s a good visual tool but it can’t help you replicate how a phone might feel in your hand.

On Reddit, user NachoWeave created a LEGO iPhone 12 Pro Max guide to give you a physical estimate.

LEGO iPhone 12 Pro Max

Here are the LEGO bricks you’ll need:

  • 16 2/3 bricks high (16 and two flat bricks)
  • 10 bricks wide
  • 1 brick thick

They mention that the width and height of the mockup is a close match, but the thickness might be slightly off. Still, it’s a useful thing to have if you’re looking to preorder the iPhone 12 Pro Max on Friday. Or, read this Reddit post to create a LEGO iPhone 12 mini.

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