macOS High Sierra: Enhance Browsing With Safari Website Controls

With macOS High Sierra, Apple upgraded Safari to give us a better experience. We have intelligent tracking prevention and granular controls for websites. These Safari website controls let us create a unique experience on a per-website basis. Preventing auto-play videos, automatic Reader mode, and Content Blockers are a few of these controls.

Finding Safari Website Controls

  1. On your Mac, open Safari.
  2. You can press Command (⌘) + Command (,) on the keyboard, or click Safari > Preferences in the menu bar.
Menu for Safari Website Controls.
Menu for Safari Website Controls

Here you’ll find the new macOS High Sierra controls. The controls are:

  • Reader: Lets you automatically use Reader on websites you choose.
  • Content Blockers: Keep adblockers enabled for certain websites, and you can choose to turn it off for your favorite websites. Or, keep the blockers on for all websites.
  • Auto-Play: Tired of annoying videos that automatically play? Here you can shut them off for good.
  • Page Zoom: Control the page zoom level for individual websites.
  • Camera/Microphone/Location: Here you can choose to prevent websites from accessing these Mac components. Or, you can make websites ask to use your camera, mic, or location.
  • Notifications: Don’t want websites showing notifications in the Notification Center? We already get enough notifications on your iDevices, we don’t need them on the Mac. This section is a bit different. You can check or uncheck a box to let websites ask permission, or not.


You can also access Safari website controls in two other ways:

  1. Right-click the address bar and choose Settings For This Website.
  2. Or, go to the menu bar and click Safari > Settings For This Website.
Accessing Safari Website Controls from the address bar.
Accessing Safari Website Controls from the address bar.

The level of control that Apple provides in Safari makes it more enticing to use over third-party browsers. I’ve always used it as my main browser, but it’s nice to have more control. That’s really what it comes down to: people should be able to control their experience of the web.

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