So let’s say you’re working with a 50-page document, and you only want to print the last five pages. When you go to print by pressing Command-P or by choosing File > Print, then, you’ll want to be sure to choose a range of pages to print as opposed to all of them.

macOS Print dialog Choose Range of Pages

If you forget to do that, however, then one way you could fix what you’ve done (rather than letting all 50 pages print or canceling the printing altogether!) is by using the “Resume Job On Page” feature. Here’s how it works: When you realize your mistake, first click on the printer’s icon in your Dock to open its queue.

macOS Print Icon in Dock

Yes, I need to replace the ink in my printer, and that’s why it’s got a weird icon. So sue me.

When the queue window opens, you’ll see the job you sent to your printer. As quickly as you can, click on the “Hold Job” icon, which looks like a two-lined pause button.

Hold Job Button in print queue window on macOSWith it paused, first click on the job to make sure it’s selected…

Selected Job in macOS Print Queue…then visit the menus at the top of your screen, click on “Jobs,” and pick “Resume Job On Page.”

Resume Job on Page option in macOS print queue Jobs menu

When you do so, the queue window will open a drop-down, in which you can type the page you’d like to resume the printing on.

macOS print queue Resume Printing on Page Drop-DownClick “OK” afterward, and your printer should skip all of the pages in between anything it’s already printed and the page you told it you wanted to resume with. Handy! Note, too, that you can use this “Jobs” menu to Quick Look anything you’re printing, which might be handy if you’re not sure you’ve printed the correct document. You can also Quick Look a print job by selecting it from the queue and pressing Command-Y or the spacebar.

Quick Look Print Job option in macOS print queue

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