macOS Sierra: Using Markup in Photos

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If you’re editing your images within Photos, you can of course apply filters, remove red-eye, crop things, and so on. But macOS Sierra brings Markup to Photos, which’ll let you add text boxes, shapes, or drawings to your images. Here’s how to access it!

First, select the picture you’d like to annotate, and then click the edit button in the toolbar (it looks like a set of sliders).

Edit button

Once you’re in edit mode, you’ll see a list of tools along the side. Click on “Extensions,” and the “Markup” option will appear.


Click “Markup,” and you’ll be given the familiar tools, most of which I wrote about in a previous tip.


Then go nuts. Draw crazy stuff. Add circles or stars around people. Insert text boxes!

Text Box

Be more creative than I am, all right? It won’t be hard.

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Extra cool. Thanks for the tip.


Actually I just realized another advantage. When I mark up an image with Preview, the changes are written to the file permanently. To make a change after saving I have to start over. Because these annotations are being done in Photos I assume I can edit them, change them, delete them, etc. Correct?


No, that is some grass. the mountains are in the distance.
😆 Just kidding, just kidding

Thanks for the info. It will be nice to not have to export the picture, and open it with Preview or some such program to do the markup.