Just like the iOS version of Siri, macOS Sierra’s voice assistant can search the Web for pictures of stuff. Within Sierra, though, this gives you some quick-and-handy ways to use and interact with those images. Let’s go over this fun feature!

To get started, just click on Siri’s colorful Dock or menu bar icon.

macOS Sierra Siri Icon

(Don’t see either? Visit System Preferences > Siri and turn on “Show Siri in menu bar.”)

After you do so, tell it what you wanna find. For the purposes of this tip, you’ll say something like “Do a Web search for images of [whatever].”

macOS Sierra Siri search for birds

That list of results is interactive, too. For example, you can drag and drop one of those thumbnails out to your desktop to save it there, onto Mail’s icon in the Dock to attach it to an email, or into a Pages or Word document to insert it. Alternatively, you can also right- or Control-click a thumbnail to get a few other options, including the ability to copy the image:

macOS Sierra Siri Contextual Menu

As with any pictures you find on the Web, though, be sure that you’re not using them in a way that would violate their copyright, OK? I mean, don’t just grab an artist’s work and plop it in your print ad. That’s not cool, man. Not cool.

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I just did an experiment. I called up Siri and said
“Siri, do a web search for log trucks”
I got a selection of pink and purple and pastel blue, pickups, and hummers.
I looked back and Siri had transcribed
“Siri, do a web search for love trucks.”
Oh god, I’m laughing so hard I’m crying.
Can always count on Siri.