As you can imagine, I spend a lot of my time getting details from folks about their machines when I’m trying to figure out what’s causing problems. In recent versions of the OS, the information available under Apple Menu > About This Mac has been vastly improved, and I find it much more user-friendly now.

macOS Sierra About This Mac dialog

That said, we’ve now got another way to figure out machine specs in macOS Sierra, and that’s using Siri. Apple’s voice assistant can answer all sorts of questions for you or for anyone you’re trying to help, like these:

macOS Sierra Siri Questions

So if I click on the Siri icon in the upper-right corner of my screen and start talking, I can get all of the details I need:

macOS Sierra Siri menu bar icon

macOS Sierra Siri listing computer specifications

Hey, I think it’s pretty neat that we can just ask our Macs this stuff. In my case, that’ll save me a number of steps with my users, and saved time always makes me very happy. Plus, it’ll just make me look cool! Right? Because goodness knows I need something to make me look cool.

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