macOS Sierra: Using Tapback in Messages

If you’ve been having fun playing around with the so-called Tapback feature in iOS 10, with which you can long press on a message to give it a heart, say, or a thumbs up…

Tapback iOS Menu

…then you should know that macOS Sierra will let you do the same thing within its Messages program! We unfortunately can’t use any of the fancy screen effects yet, but this is pretty fun anyhow. What you’ll do is right- or Control-click on the message you’d like to apply a Tapback to, and a contextual menu will appear.

Tapback Contextual Menu

Pick “Tapback,” as I’ve done above, and you’ll see the same options you have under iOS:

Apply Tapback in macOS Sierra

Choose whichever icon fits your reaction, and it’ll appear within the message thread:

Tapback Ha-ha bubble

Now, I don’t want anyone commenting on why a full-grown woman like myself is getting such a kick out of these little Tapback thingies, all right? I like what I like.

2 thoughts on “macOS Sierra: Using Tapback in Messages

  • Okay, playing around with this I discovered something interesting and as far as I know it is a new feature. The iMessage was about an UPS shipment, I touched and held the tracking number. A menu popped up asking If I wanted to track it, I did. It opened a page at which almost instantly opened the tracking page at UPS. No more copying and pasting the tracking number.

    If you touch and hold on text other than the tracking number you get the Tapback dialoge.

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