Did you know you can use keyboard shortcuts in Apple Notes? If you’re a keyboard warrior, you that it’s really fast to navigate and perform tasks on your Mac with keys. I try to do this whenever I can, at least when doing tasks in an app. But I had no idea that Apple Notes supported keyboard shortcuts, although it makes perfect sense. Here’s a list of the commands.

Notes Shortcuts

TaskKeyboard Shortcut
Create a new noteCommand-N
Create a new folderShift-Command-N
Show the main Notes windowCommand-0 (zero)

Note: This shortcut is useful if a note open in a separate window is blocking the main Notes window.

Show or hide the Attachments BrowserCommand-1
Search all notesOption-Command-F
Move between the sidebar, notes list, and search fieldTab

Note: This shortcut doesn’t work if you are currently editing a note’s contents.

Begin typing in the note selected in the notes listReturn

Note: This shortcut places the insertion point at the end of the selected note’s contents. To go back to the notes list, press Command-Return.

Print a noteCommand-P

Editing notes shortcuts

TaskKeyboard Shortcut
Attach a fileShift-Command-A
Create a linkCommand-K
Apply Title formatShift-Command-T
Apply Heading formatShift-Command-H
Apply Body formatShift-Command-B
Apply Checklist formatShift-Command-L
Increase list levelCommand-] or Tab
Decrease list levelCommand-[ or Shift-Tab
Add a line break (soft return) to a list item or checklistShift-Return
Insert a tab character in a list itemOption-Tab
Mark or unmark a checklist itemShift-Command-U
Zoom in on note’s contentsShift-Command->
Zoom out on note’s contentsShift-Command-<
Change size of note’s contents to defaultShift-Command-0 (zero)

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