Let’s talk about iPhone storage, and how you can make the most of it. Apple has made strides in leaps and bounds towards allowing us to store more data on our iOS devices. Even so, it can be a challenge sometimes to keep free space on your iPhone. To help with that, Apple offers a couple of great ways to make the most of your iPad or iPhone storage space.

iPhone storage space

Through smarter management of your iPhone storage space, you might not need a bigger device

Store More in iCloud

One of the first things you can do is store more of your data in the cloud. Recently, Cupertino cut the price of its 2TB iCloud storage plan in half, making the top tier option much more affordable. If you’re deeply invested in Apple’s ecosystem, 2TB might be just what the doctor ordered.

iPhone storage space

A sizable iCloud storage plan means you can offload the originals of your photographs from your device

Bear in mind, you can store the high-resolution copies of your photographs in the iCloud Photo Library. That way, only optimized, bite-sized versions of those images are on your iOS device. That alone can free up quite a bit of storage space on your iPhone or iPad. You can turn this on by tapping the Settings app, then Photos -> Optimize iPhone Storage.

Take Apple’s Advice on Freeing Up iPhone Storage Space

Another great feature is the iPhone’s built-in storage recommendation system. From the Settings app, visiting General -> iPhone Storage will show you how you’re currently using the space on your iOS device. It also offers recommendations to maximizing what little space you might have left.

offloading unused apps to manage iPhone storage space

“Offloading” apps you don’t use often but don’t want to delete can be a great way to manage your iPhone storage space better

One of those is “Offload Unused Apps.” This is a great option for those titles you have on your iPhone and don’t want to get rid of, but don’t use very often. The feature removes the software itself from your device, leaving behind its icon along with all of that app’s documents and data. When you need to use the app again, just tap the grayed-out icon and watch it download.

Manage Your iOS Device Storage Smarter

We’re all guilty of downloading apps and data, and then not really using those titles or files again. With the help of iOS, you can truly make the most of your storage space on your iPhone or iPad. While some of us might need to invest in a device with more space, most people will find they are just fine with what they have. They just need a little help from iOS to manage it smarter.

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I’m running the iOS 11 public beta on a 6S and have been noticing that storage is, well, crazy. Other usage is huge; used space fluctuates constantly by a couple of gigs even while the phone’s asleep, not being used. So I’m in the market, as it were, for apps (if any) with which I can get a clue what’s making up that “other usage” as well as how to reduce it. Ideas?