Managing and Finding New Watch Faces in watchOS 4

Watch Faces

One of the new features in watchOS 4 is a great way to manage your Watch Faces. Using My Faces and the Face Gallery, you can quickly build up a catalog of watch displays for any event or purpose. Follow along with me as I demonstrate these features and how to use them.

Watch Faces
Check out the new Watch Faces in watchOS 4, along with a great way to manage and discover them.

Locating and Managing Watch Faces on watchOS 4

You’ll find a My Faces option when you open the Watch app on your iPhone. There is also a Face Gallery where you can explore new options, along with great uses of complications. Each Watch Face is presented with multiple configurations, but you can change many settings to personalize the appearance and functionality. Basically, you can make every Watch Face your own unique style, with the complications you need. Check out the video I made below to see how to use these features.

TMO’s Managing and Finding New Watch Faces in watchOS 4

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