Maps: How to See the Weather for Different Locations

OK, so this is less of a “tip” and more of a “lookit this cool interface element.” (Or at least I think it’s cool.) Turns out that the little weather icon in Maps under iOS and macOS updates for the location you’re zoomed into. Here’s what I mean: If I look at my location within Maps on my iPhone, I’ll see the current conditions and temperature.

Current Location

But if I then scroll over to, say, California, that icon will update with the weather for that place instead.

Huntington Beach Weather

Huntington Beach residents, I hate you so much right now.

This is true with Maps on the Mac too. Within that app, the weather icon is near the top-right corner, and it’ll update just like the iOS one does.

Weather Icon Maps App

In either case, though, if you don’t see that icon at all, try just zooming in a bit on a location until you do.

I mean, there are easier ways to find out the conditions of a place you’re going to—invoking Siri and asking something like, “What’s the weather in Huntington Beach” comes to mind—but this is a nifty little addition to Maps anyhow, I think!

One thought on “Maps: How to See the Weather for Different Locations

  • Thanks! I had noticed that feature, probably because I usually use a weather app or webpage to check current conditions.

    Yes, you need to be zoomed in enough in order to see the temperature.

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