Miss the Eclipse? Three Apps for Tracking Future Eclipses

Screenshots from Solar Eclipse by Redshift

Did you miss the Great American Eclipse, or maybe you caught it and now you’re addicted? I’ve got three apps to help you track future eclipses so you don’t miss out. If you search “eclipse” in the App Store, you’ll find a Crap Tonne™ of apps dedicated to the August 21st event that already took place, but these will help you find the next one.

Solar Eclipse by Redshift – $1.99

Solar Eclipse by Redshift is a hybrid app for iPhone and iPad that lets you track both past and future eclipses from 1990 to 2100. You can pick any spot on the planet and get an eclipse simulation for that spot. It has many other features and information about eclipses, too.

Screenshots from Solar Eclipse by Redshift
Solar Eclipse by Redshift Screenshots

Eclipse Calculator – $1.99

Eclipse Calculator does both solar and lunar eclipses, with solar eclipses data available from 1500 BCE to 3000 CE, and

lunar eclipses data available from 2000 BCE to 3000 CE.

Eclipse Calculator Screenshots
Eclipse Calculator Screenshots

SkySafari 5 – Free

SkySafari is a general-purpose astronomy app, and that includes eclipse information. There’s a caveat, though: you’ll need to know the date and time of the eclipse to look it up. If you know that, though, SkySafari 5 can show you just what to expect where. The screenshot below is for April 8th, 2024, the time of the next U.S. solar eclipse.

It’s a hybrid app for iPhone and iPad, and there’s a plus version for $2.99, and a pro version for $19.99. TMO‘s resident astronomer, John Martellaro, loves SkySafari 5.

Screenshot from SkySafari 5
Screenshot from SkySafari 5

2 thoughts on “Miss the Eclipse? Three Apps for Tracking Future Eclipses

  • Are you sure that Sky Safari basic is FREE? And that the Plus version is only $2.99?

    AFAIK, the basic is $2.99, the Plus is much more @ $14.99, and the Pro is WAY MORE, at $39.99!

    Please check and update!

    P.S. I am logged in, my log in user name is displayed, but it won’t post my comment! It keeps opening up another tab and claiming that I must log in! Please fix that, too!

    1. Hi skywatcher, all three prices are current discounts, which I hadn’t realized when I was putting this piece together. As of this writing, they’re all three priced as written.

      I’m passing on your note about the login—my gut says you have a corrupted cookie. Try deleting your macobserver.com cookies.

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