Where Did Music Controls in iOS 10 Control Center Go? – Swipe Left, Dude

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One of the many changes in iOS 10 is┬áControl Center. The most striking change is that controls for music are gone. Well, it turns out they aren’t gone, they’ve just been moved. To access them, simply swipe left in Control Center.

Control Center Main Screen

Below is the main Control Center screen. Along the top is your basic Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth on/off, Do Not Disturb, and a brightness slider. At the bottom is Flashlight, Clock, Calculator, and Camera.

iOS 10 Control Center Main Screen

iOS 10 Control Center Main Screen

Music Controls

There’s something else in Control Center, and that’s the two-dot indicator that there are additional screens available. Swipe left, and you get your quick-access music controls, as shown below.

iOS 10 Control Center Music

iOS 10 Control Center Music

Thanks to TMO reader Sasspot for asking about this.

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