Music for iOS 10: A Tour of the Big Changes

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Page 2 – Horizontal Scrolling and Faster Access in Music for iOS 10

A renewed focus on your library

The tab bar was also reorganized to feature your Library tab first. The For You and Browse tabs for various iTunes Store sections take 2nd and 3rd place. Radio is still there, and Search has moved from the top right corner to its own dedicated tab, replacing Connect.

Now, when Music opens on a fresh start to your Library tab, you’re greeted with your albums, playlists, and genres, as well as music you have recently added—your library. The list uses large labels for clarity, and it’s customizable so you can hide the Songs section, for example, or enable the Video and Composers sections.

For those who prefer to download their purchased or streaming music for offline play, there is a new Downloaded Music section. Tap this, and you enter a sort of alternate reality of your music library where the only items you can see are what is local, on the device. Previously, this option was either difficult to find in Music, or you had to dig into Settings > Music. I think this is a big improvement, and it allows you to leave streaming options available for the times you might want them—it’s a best-of-both-worlds approach.

More horizontal scrolling

The For You and Browse tabs can now show you more major sections (using those large, bold labels) thanks to horizontal scrolling.

These tabs in iOS 9 featured sprawling vertical list of curated playlists and albums that iTunes thinks you might want to hear. In iOS 10, For You has an emphasis on sections like “Recently Played,” “Thursday’s Playlists,” and “Artist Spotlight Playlists.”

Music for iOS 10 - For You

Music for iOS 10 – For You

The Browse tab incorporated the previously dedicated New tab. Think of it as a table of contents for both the store’s catalog and Apple Music. The top has rotating banners of major new releases, exclusives, and other interestingness. Below is a list of labels similar to your Library tab, but sections include “New Music” (in the store), Curated Playlists, and Top Charts.

Faster access and familiarity

These first three tabs—Library, For You, and Browse—are where I sense this strong focus on organization, and I like it. Browsing their previous equivalents in iOS 9 could often feel overwhelming or disorienting.

These new sections make it much easier to reach my library, and make me feel more comfortable diving into Apple Music’s offerings with a sense of direction. It tipped the scale from worrying about getting lost among the digital music shelves to being excited to get lost, because it’s much easier to find my way in and out.

We’ll see how Music in iOS 10 goes over with everyone else, but I’m pretty happy. Of course, there are lots of great little changes everywhere too, so I encourage you to explore.

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