New Mac, iPad or iPhone? Five Resources to Help You Get The Most of Your New Apple Device

Staff working in an Apple Store

Were you lucky enough to get a new Mac, iPad or iPhone or other Apple device from Santa this year? If so, there are a host of resources out there if you need some help.

Resources to Help You Get The Most of Your New Mac, iPad, or iPhone

  1. The Mac Observer Tips – First things first, we here at The Mac Observer may have answered your question for you. We spend A LOT of time playing with a whole range of Apple devices, so use the search function on the site or browse our Tips section and see if we can help you. A growing number of our tips have videos from our YouTube channel included too, so you can see how the advice works in practice.
  2. Official Apple Support Forums – There are, of course, a huge range of queries dealt with in Apple’s forums. It has different sections for different devices and software, including the iPhone, Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch.
  3. Howard Oakley – Howard Oakley’s website provides brilliant answers to a wide range of Mac quandaries, as well as tips on how to get your machine to do the things you want it to.
  4. Mac Geek Gab – Every week Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun come together to answer listeners’ questions with the aim that everyone leaves having learned five new things.
  5. Apple Support YouTube Channel – As well as the aforementioned Forums, Apple has a separate YouTube channel filled with videos

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