What are the Orange and Green Dots on Your iPhone?

Orange green dots iOS 14

What are the orange and green dots on your iPhone or iPad? You’ll see them in the top status bar if you’ve updated to iOS 14 or iPadOS 14. Here’s what they mean.

iOS 14 Privacy

The colored dots are a new privacy feature for iOS 14. An orange dot means that an app has recently accessed your microphone. A green dot means that an app has recently accessed your camera. Then, after you open Control Center, the name of the app that accessed either of these features will be shown at the top. You’ll see these dots in apps like Snapchat, Voice Memos, Camera, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, FaceTime, and others.

It’s a way to let you know when an app is accessing sensitive parts of your iPhone. For example, many smartphone owners have experienced the phenomenon where they’ll see ads for things they recently talked about. While the evidence behind such claims is dubious, these colored dots can give you peace of mind.

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