PSA: You Can’t Use Face ID For Family iOS Purchases

iPhone X users are finding out that they can’t use Face ID for family iOS purchases. Even though you can use Touch ID for it, Face ID doesn’t work. Apple likely did this on purpose though.

Ask to Buy

When your kids want to buy an app, they have to tap an Ask to Buy button on the App Store. This sends a request to one of the parents, where they can approve it or not. Although Touch ID can be used to approve these purchases, Face ID can’t be used.

Using Family Sharing for Family iOS purchases.

Although Face ID has a one in a million chance of getting fooled, that doesn’t apply to close family members, whose facial features are more similar. The probability of an incorrect match is higher for twins, siblings, and children under the age of 13.

Apple probably doesn’t allow Face ID with Ask to Buy as a precaution. Although, there should be a shorter passcode option, instead of having to type out a long Apple ID password, which some iPhone customers have been using since Face ID is so seamless.

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