Using IFTTT to Help you Remember Important Text Messages

Using IFTTT to Help you Remember Important Text Messages

Here’s a tip that will make you seem like a pro at remembering to follow up on text messages—including Apple’s iMessage—when you say you will. I know I’m not alone in this, since we all live in such a busy world. I’m constantly prioritizing and trying to stay on top of everything. Still, there are often text messages that just can’t be answered right away. The problem is that if I don’t respond right away, I’m liable to forget. That’s why I came up with this simple hack in If This Then That (IFTTT) to help me remember important text messages.

Using IFTTT to Help you Remember Important Text Messages
Using IFTTT, you won’t need sticky notes everywhere to remember text messages (Image Credit: mastersenaiper)

How IFTTT Can Help You Remember Important Text Messages and iMessages

The video below does a much better job of explaining this hack than I ever could in words, but let’s talk about what you need to make this work. Here are the things you need to make sure of before you get started. Then you won’t have any problems using this method to remember important text messages.

  • If you haven’t already, sign up for an IFTTT account. it’s quick and easy.
  • In IFTTT, set up the SMS and iOS Reminders services
  • Download the IFTTT app on your iPhone, and sign into it.
  • In Settings, make sure IFTTT has permission to access your reminders. (If you’ve never created an action using iOS Reminders before, the permission option won’t be in Settings. Just launch the IFTTT app after you create your applet, and it will ask for the appropriate permissions.)

That’s it, so without further ado, watch the video below to see how IFTTT can help you remember important messages.

5 thoughts on “Using IFTTT to Help you Remember Important Text Messages

  • I prefer my reminders in Due app on my iPhone because the alarms are loud and repeatable, so I don’t miss them. I use Siri then auto-import Reminders into Due, as described here:

  • Unlike Twitter, IFTTT is bad when you are dealing with multiple accounts. If you use IFTTT for business purposes and have a business account, you have to set this up under your business account unless you eventually log out and log in with your personal account.

    Yes, I am one of those people who would like to keep business and personal separate. It is frustrating when someone like IFTTT doesn’t understand this!

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