You Can Still Restore iOS Apps From Your Hard Drive

restore iOS apps

There are still a couple of options to let you restore iOS apps from your hard drive. Yes, Apple has taken away much of our ability to manage apps in iTunes 12.7. However, that doesn’t mean all of your IPA files are worthless. In fact, you can even still use iTunes to load them onto your devices.

restore iOS apps
When you want to restore iOS apps from your hard drive, you actually still have some options

If you’ll recall, I showed you a few days ago how to load custom and third-party ringtones to your iOS device using iTunes. That same trick works with apps, but there’s also another way. You got it, I’m going to show you another iMazing tip.

With iMazing, you have quite a bit of control over your iOS device. That includes the ability to restore apps from your hard drive. You can extract them using iMazing, which will store the apps and their data on your hard drive. However, let’s just look at what we can do with those IPA files left over from before Apple started indiscriminately removing key features from iTunes.

If you don’t already have iMazing on your Mac or Windows PC, you should totally go download it. You get a generous free trial, and then it’s easy to license the software once you fall in love with it. The folks at DigiDNA are undoubtedly very happy with Apple. The iMazing app is surely getting a ton more downloads and purchases now.

6 thoughts on “You Can Still Restore iOS Apps From Your Hard Drive

  • I’m more than mad and frothing at Apple for recent changes. MY iTunes 12.6 and now 12.7 is labeled as a “Restore-Only” version or something. All I know is that now I can’t load anything to my new iPhone 8.
    Trying hard, very hard, not to say anything dirty. Apple is so, so, so lucky that PC’s are such junk.

  • Hi,

    Id like to know if there was any way that i could convert the file that gets exported (ends with .imazing) into a .ipa file that i can import into profile manager… have been beating my head with this one….


  • The ability to still side load apps with iTunes 12.7 will fade from relevance because the ability to obtain new versions will likely be deprecated, even for those using 12.6 and older.

    At some point in the future, Apple’s servers could simply refuse connections from older iTunes clients.

    It’s only a half measure, as Mike Ehrmentraut might say.

  • Whoa! I did not know iTunes could still be used to drag an app back on a device. That is hugely helpful to know. Also, will have to explore iMazing. Looks like a genius app as well.

    Thanks for the tip!!

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