Shazam Dolly Parton’s ‘5 to 9’ Squarespace Super Bowl Advert For Five Free Months of Apple Music

Dolly Parton '5 to 9'

If you missed it during Sunday’s Super Bowl, one of the ads featured country superstar Dolly Parton reworking her classic song ‘9 to 5’ for website provider Squarespace. It turns out that if you run Apple’s Shazam app while the updated version, called ‘5 – to 9’, is playing, new users can get five months of Apple Music for free.

New Dolly Parton Playlist, Fragrance, and Five Month Apple Music Trial via Shazam

In the run-up to the Super Bowl, Ms. Parton tweeted, encouraging people to Shazam when she appeared.

The advert itself is a tribute to the side hustle from Squarespace.

If you’ve never been an Apple Music subscriber:

  • Download Shazam from the App Store.
  • Play the advert.
  • While it’s running, open Shazam and tap the logo in the middle of the screen so it starts listening and the song title comes up.
  • There’s an option on the top, to watch a video.

Dolly Parton Shazam 5 to 9

  • In it, Ms. Parton offers a “surprise, “advertises her new fragrance, and plugs her new What Would Dolly Do Apple Music playlist. (There’s a link to it in the video too.)

  • If eligible, you will be guided on how to sign up for your 5-month free trial of Apple Music (it usually only lasts three).

Cult of Mac also reported that simply being a new Shazam user will get you the extended free trial.

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