iOS: Use Siri To Help Return a Lost iPhone

Mac Geek Gab listener John has a tip to help return a lost iPhone. It’s quick and easy, and it might save your skin if someone finds your iPhone.

Using Siri

Image of Siri. Use Siri to find a lost iPhone and return it to its owner.

John shares his story:

I discovered this trick when I used to work concessions at a local venue. If I ever found an iPhone I would activate Siri and say call mom. Nine times out of 10 that call went to the person’s mom [so she could] get a hold of the person somehow and tell him that I had the phone. I’m assuming it would also work with android phones but never tried just thought I’d pass along.

So the next time you find an iPhone on the street somewhere, try calling mom, because virtually everyone has their mom’s number.

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