Three Quick Reminders Tips!

Reminders (on both the Mac and the iPhone/iPad) is a great little program; it’s so simple but so awesome. I’m constantly telling Siri stuff like “remind me tomorrow to take a shower” and “remind me next week to change my shirt” and “remind me when I arrive at home to finally brush my teeth.”

Okay, I’m kidding. I’m actually very clean.

Anyhow, below are three of my favorite tricks for using Reminders. And if you don’t use Siri to add stuff to your own lists, you should! Consider that my fourth tip here. Or is it the first since I haven’t actually started my list yet?

1. Complete all at once. On the Mac, you can complete all of the reminders on any list at the same time, without having to go through and click each one. To do this, just right- or Control-click on the list’s name within the sidebar and choose “Complete All Reminders.”

Complete All Reminders from Sidebar on Mac

If you don’t see that sidebar, just press Option-Command-S (or choose View> Show Sidebar) to reveal it!

2. Set your default list. On both the Mac and your iOS devices, you can configure which list is your default. This will mean that when you add Reminders outside of the app (like through Siri, for example), they’ll go to whichever list you want. To do that on the Mac, simply choose Reminders> Default List from the menus at the top, and then click your selection.

Setting Default List on Mac

Under iOS, that preference is located within Settings> Reminders.

Setting Default List on iPhone

3. Force-press on the apps. If your iOS device supports 3D Touch, you can press with a little force on either the Reminders app…

Force-Pressing on Reminders

…or on the Calendar app…

Force-Pressing on Calendar

…to see what upcoming reminders you have you deal with. The Calendar integration is especially handy for me; I use Reminders for different things than I would want clogging up Calendar’s day view, but it’s nice to have a way to see both sets of data in one place.

And now I promise I’ll go take care of my personal hygiene. Like I do every day. And I don’t have to set reminders for it, swearsies.

2 thoughts on “Three Quick Reminders Tips!

  • I’ve tried to use Reminders several times over the years and I… don’t. It just seems awkward. I’ve never been able to integrate it into my routine. If I need an appointment I go to Calendar. If I need a note, I use Notepad. I just can’t seem to figure out what Reminders is for.

    1. So you’re using Calendar to remind you? I use reminders. If I have repeating reminders, (e.g. pay quarterly taxes) I use reminders as I don’t need those on my calendar. If I have to be someplace in particular (Dr. Office etc.) then I use a calendar because it supports a location. I also use reminders when I’m out and I think of a task I need to do as soon as I get home. (or rather, when my wife thinks of one!) Then the location aware reminders are really handy!

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