Tip: Lock Clips Recording With This Simple Trick

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Check out this handy trick (via Redditor scrat72) for Apple’s new Clips, which was officially released on Thursday. Clips is almost sort of an iMovie Lite, but one aimed specifically at social media. You can record videos and use filters, add captions with natural language, and other effects. The UI is simple and the app is fun to use, and this tip lets you lock Clips recording.

Slide To Lock Clips Recording

If you’re shooting a longer video or just want to hold your iPhone more comfortably, you can slide your finger or thumb left on the Record button to lock Clips recording. That means you no longer have to “Hold to Record.”

Slide to lock Clips recording and tap question mark

Slide left to lock Clips recording. You can also tap ? for Help

For more tips, tap the arrow on the top left, then the question mark on the top right. You can find this tip and more in that help section Apple provided.

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Lee Dronick

This is a great tip! I just started messing with Clips and I think that it will be used quite a bit on social media, if Apple promotes it.

I see that it takes square format video and you must hold the camera in portrait mode, which is the easier for one-handed operation. I am still messing with the app, learning it, and have only taken a few short videos. I am still learning Final Cut Pro for that matter.