Want to Plan a Movie Night and Chill? Try This

TGIF (Thank Google It’s Friday). Google has a new tool for people to plan a movie night and chill. It’s specifically for when you want to go to the movie theater, but we found a couple of other things to try for when you want to stay in.

Google Movie Search

In Google’s latest update to search, you can compare movies by factors like ratings, showtimes, theater location, etc., without leaving search. You can buy your tickets in advance too, with a tap.

If you have a particular theater you prefer, you can check out what movies are playing by location, and narrow your search with further parameters.┬áIt’s available in Google search via mobile browsers, as well as the Google app.

Screenshots of ways to plan your movie night with Google, Siri, and the TV app.

Apple Movie Search

If you don’t want to use Google, you could just ask Siri. I asked, “Give me some movie ideas”. Or, you can use the TV and iTunes apps, where you can search for specific movies, or browse by genre.

If you have an Apple TV, Siri is even more robust. You can use the Siri remote to ask for movies, TV shows, genres, actors, or generic questions like the one I asked.

Or if you’re using Netflix, there’s a website called FlixList to find movies and shows to watch. Search by title, director, genre, and actors.

One thought on “Want to Plan a Movie Night and Chill? Try This

  • Great info on NF! It’s hard to find stuff, it’s so buried. Sometimes we’d do a random search in the search section, type in a couple of letters to a title, to find stuff we’d not normally find.

    We have a home theater and watch all of our movies at home now.

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