You may have heard that watchOS 3 eliminated the Friends view, which you used to be able to access by pressing the side button once.

Apple Watch watchOS 3 Side Button

Now pressing that button will instead bring up the Dock, which I gotta say is much more handy:

Apple Watch watchOS 3 Dock

Within this screen, you can swipe to access your favorite apps and open them with just a tap, so if you’re constantly starting workouts, say, or using Find My Friends, those features are very easy to get to. This list is configurable, as well, so to set it up, open the Watch app on your iPhone and choose My Watch > Dock.

Apple Watch watchOS 3 Dock Settings

In those settings, you’ll see that the apps that appear in your Dock will be listed at the top.

Apple Watch watchOS 3 Dock Settings

To make changes, tap “Edit” at the upper-right, and then use the pluses and minuses to add and remove items.

Apple Watch watchOS 3 Dock Editing

If you’d like, you can also drag the little three-lined icons on the right to switch the order of how the apps will appear in your Dock. When you’re finished editing, tap “Done,” and your changes will be reflected on your Watch! Cool! I think this is much better than that old Friends view. I like fun gimmicky stuff as much as the next gal…but the Dock is much more useful.

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Lee Dronick

Yes it is a much better use of that button.


Now all I need is the apple watch….