watchOS 3: Three Cool New Features

Hey, watchOS 3 is out! OK, OK, I’ll admit that I’m more excited about this than iOS 10, even, because I love my Watch a lot. So in celebration, below are three of my favorite new tricks!

1. Breathe. This new meditative feature works a lot like the familiar stand reminders. Once it’s on, your Watch will remind you at a configurable interval to pause and take some deep breaths.

watchOS 3 Breathe

watchOS 3 Be still and breathe

To configure this, open the Watch app on your iPhone, and go to the “My Watch” tab. Once you’re there, tap the “Breathe” section, and you’ll see your options.

watchOS 3 Breathe Setup

2. Pause workouts. There’s now an easy way to pause a workout—just press both the Digital Crown and the side button simultaneously while a workout is going to do so.

watchOS 3 Watch buttons

When you’re ready to continue, press those buttons again, or swipe the screen to the right and choose “Resume.” Note, though, that if you’ve got screenshots turned on in watchOS 3, it’ll take one when you do this! So I’d suggest keeping screenshots off if you’re a workout junkie.

3. Share Activity. Want to see your friends’ workouts and progress and share your own? Then open the Activity app on your iPhone and tap the new “Sharing” tab:

watchOS 3  fitness sharing

Using the plus button in the upper-right, you can add any of your friends who have an Apple Watch (and who have updated to iOS 10 and watchOS 3) and allow them to see your stuff. If they let you see theirs, too, soon you’ll have a bit of friendly competition going:

watchOS 3 fitness friends

Um, I think I need to go for a walk to catch up. See you guys later!

3 thoughts on “watchOS 3: Three Cool New Features

  • I’m so glad that someone is paying attention to the Watch OS3 update, instead of endlessly grousing about the iPhone 7 headphone jack. I think OS3 is a killer. It makes my series 1 watch run much faster with background updates. The new dock is a huge improvement over the old “glances”. The clunky (but cute) “favorites” menu is gone (pushing the button now brings up the dock). The workout interface is much more user-friendly at the gym. The ability to write messages with “scribble” is great for short texts, and so on. IMHO the series 2 watch is going to take off with its faster processor. Let the investor “nay-sayers” be warned!

  • I use the Timer quite a bit for my cooking. The new one has some presets, but I wish that they customizable so that my most commonly used were at the top of the list. Sure I can use Siri, but sometimes I don’t want to talk.

    There are new watchfaces and the activity ones are very useful, but I would have also liked fo see more classical ones.

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