Explaining the Lack of Widgets in iPad’s Notification Center


Joe writes: I have a first generation iPad with iOS 5 but I seem to be missing some features. During Apple commercials and in some user-created online videos, I see iDevices using Notification Center to access really cool widgets such as weather and stocks. Unfortunately, I can’t find those items on my iPad. Can you help?


Notification Center Settings

Great question, but unfortunately the answer is probably not what you’re looking for. The built-in widgets for stocks and weather are only available for the iPhone and iPod touch. On the iPhone, for example, they can be turned on or off by going to Settings > Notifications, choosing “Edit,” and then dragging “Weather Widget” and “Stock Widget” in and out of the “In Notification Center” section of the list.

As for iPad users, Apple has thus far not included built-in weather or stock apps, so it is unclear if they will ever arrive on the larger device. There was some discussion during the iOS 5 beta of allowing developers to create their own Notification Center “widgets” for third party weather and stock apps (among others) but that feature, if true, is not implemented yet.

The best hope for iOS users who want more from their Notification Center is to jailbreak their device. However, doing so will void your warranty and, if not performed properly, may permanently disable your iPad.

Regardless, there is some exciting work going on in the jailbreak community to bring third party widgets to iOS. For an adventurous user, it might be the best solution.