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Randy writes: While using the auto-correct feature of iOS as I type, I occasionally make a mistake and accidentally train the system to replace a word I’m attempting to type with an incorrect suggested word. It’s annoying because the word I’ve typed is automatically replaced with the incorrect suggestion unless I tap the small “x” each time the suggestion pops up. How can I stop this and re-train iOS to use the right auto-correct suggestions?


The problem you are describing is a frustrating one that has annoyed many iOS users. The good news is that it can be solved; the bad news is that it requires a reset of iOS’s entire dictionary. There’s no way to remove or reset just a single improper auto-correct suggestion.

To remove and reset your auto-correct entries in iOS, head to Settings > General > Reset and select "Reset Keyboard Dictionary." The system will ask you to confirm your request so press the red “Reset Dictionary” to complete the process.

Reset iOS Dictionary Auto-Correct

Note that this will reset and remove all user changes to the dictionary and auto-correct. For some users who have spent many months training iOS to properly auto-correct words, this may be a drastic step that is not worth taking to fix a single word. For other users who need to reset auto-correct for words that are frequently typed, however, this may be the only choice.

Also note that these steps are current as of iOS 6. There is always the hope that a future version of iOS will grant users the ability to manually edit individual auto-correct entries.

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Jim Seth

Use iOS’s keyboard shortcuts to correct the errant word.


I’ve always been annoyed by the Auto-Correct feature of iOS, and I never understood why it’s active by default. IBecause of it I coulld never write “ball screw repair” because it would always correct it to to “Ball drew” . Thanks to the guide, it was very handy.

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