OS X: How to Update iStat Menus to Fix a Frozen Menu Bar Clock


iStat Menus 4

Josh writes: After installing Bjango’s iStat Menus 4, I noticed that my Mac’s system clock often fails to update after waking from sleep. For example, when I wake up and check my Mac at 8:00 a.m., the clock still reports 1:00 a.m. unless I hover my mouse over the clock in the menu bar, which usually resets it to the correct time. I’ve checked the Console app and can’t find any errors that might cause this, and there is no other odd behavior on the Mac that could explain the behavior. How can I prevent my Mac’s clock from freezing?


A frozen menu bar clock is a known issue in iStat Menus 4, the popular and handy utility that allows users to monitor nearly all aspects of their Mac’s hardware from the menu bar. Fortunately, the bug has been fixed in subsequent updates to the software but, unlike many other apps, iStat Menus does not alert the user to new updates. This means that users who installed the app when it was first released may be unknowingly running a version that is five or six updates out of date.

To get iStat Menus 4 up to date and functioning properly, load the app’s configuration front-end by launching it from your Applications folder or by clicking on one of the app’s menu bar items and selecting the app’s icon on the bottom right side of the drop-down menu.

iStat Menus 4 Update Frozen Clock

From iStat’s main window, you can manually check for updates by pressing the “Check for Updates button in the lower-right corner. A new window will pop up if updates are available, showing you the version you are currently running along with the most recent version available (4.05 as of the date of this article). Press “Install Update” and the app will automatically download and install the latest version.

iStat Menus 4 Frozen Clock Update

Note that when the update is complete and the app relaunches, it may ask your permission to install additional components. These are required for the various monitoring and fan control features of the app. Make sure to allow the component installation to proceed if you want the full functionality that iStat Menus has to offer.

Now that the app is up to date, your menu bar clock should function normally again. This issue with iStat Menus should remind all users to manually check their apps for updates from time to time. Despite the prevalence of automatic update notifications, iStat proves that even some of the most popular apps fail to notify users, either by design or due to a bug. Staying on top of your software updates will help to minimize incompatibilities and provide the latest fixes and performance improvements.

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