How to Access The App Store From Another Apple ID in iOS


Randy writes: After upgrading to iOS 5 and creating a new iCloud account, my iPhone will only download app purchases using the new iCloud Apple ID. How can I access my purchases from my previous pre-iCloud Apple ID?



iOS Apple ID Login
An iOS device’s Apple ID can be changed in Settings > Store.

When a user creates a new iCloud account or signs in to a new iPhone with an existing Apple ID, the phone defaults to using that ID for purchases in the App and Music stores. To change this behavior and log in with another ID, simply go to Settings > Store. At the bottom of this page is your current Apple ID. Select the ID, and press “Sign Out.” The Store page will then reload with a button for “Sign In” at the top. Press this button, choose “Use Existing Apple ID” and enter your preferred Apple ID and password. You’ll now be able to re-download and update purchases made using your previous Apple ID.