How to Clean Up Partially-Downloaded iTunes Content

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Bill writes: I download lots of podcasts every day. Occasionally, I’ll stop a download in progress if I decide that I don’t want that particular episode. Are these partially-downloaded podcasts saved on my hard drive? If so, how can I delete them?


Listener Scott provides the answer for today’s Mac Geek Gab Answers. He points out that yes indeed, these partially-downloaded podcasts are not deleted from your hard drive when you remove them from the iTunes download queue. Instead, the user has to remove them manually.

To do this, navigate to ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Downloads. This is where iTunes temporarily stores all content being downloaded. If a download is interrupted for any reason, the partially-downloaded files will be in this folder. Delete the contents of the folder to remove those partially-downloaded files and recover disk space.


Clean Up Partially-Downloaded iTunes Content

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