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Paul writes: I purchased Instacast for iPhone so that I could download Mac Geek Gab Premium episodes while I’m away from home and can’t sync with my Mac. While I can download regular episodes just fine, I can’t seem to find a way to download premium episodes as I can with iTunes on my Mac. Please help me; I need my Mac Geek Gab fix!



The good news is that yes, you can download Premium Mac Geek Gab episodes via Instacast, but it requires some secret information.

Launch Instacast and press the plus sign to add a feed. Then, press the chain-link icon in the upper right of the screen to enter a address link.

Instacast Add Link

Here, type in the URL for Mac Geek Gab’s Premium show, which is:


Once entered, it will ask you to authenticate with your Premium subscriber username and password. Enter that information you’ll be on your way to enjoying the Premium episodes!

This question was originally answered on MGG 368: Calendars & Backup Answers, Cool Stuff Found!

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