How to Find and Reset Lion’s Launchpad Preferences


Carl Writes: I’ve encountered a problem with Lion’s Launchpad on my 2006 Mac Pro.  I can open Launchpad, launch apps from it, and create folders.  But when I create a folder, I’m unable to modify the folder name.  Changing folder names works great on my other Macs, just not on this particular Mac Pro.

Is there a setting I’ve missed somewhere that would prevent me from changing Launchpad folder names?

Also, the icons in Launchpad are far too large for my display.  Is there a way to make them smaller?



Your Launchpad folder issue is likely caused by a corrupt preference file, which stores user preferences and settings for the various components and applications within OS X.  Trashing and rebuilding these preference files often resolves the kind of issue you’re experiencing.

ALTFollow the Path to Launchpad’s Preferences

In most cases, applications have their own unique preference files.  Launchpad isn’t its own application, however. Rather, it and Mission Control are part of the new Dock available in Lion. As such, the database that keeps all of Launchpad’s and Mission Control’s preferences, including icons and arrangement, is stored in ~/Library/Application Support/Dock (also a new folder in Lion). Just empty this folder of its contents (by trashing the files here — there will likely be one or two only), then restart the Dock. This will rebuild the preference files and resolve any corruption that may have existed.  The best way to restart the Dock is to go to the Terminal and type

killall Dock

We don’t yet have any solutions for your Launchpad icon issue.  However, you may wish to check out Launchpad-Control, which lets you modify the contents of Launchpad to show only those applications you frequently launch.  This should make it more valuable and let you get the most out of it considering your display resolution.