How to Hide the Birthdays Calendar in iCal and iOS

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Barry writes: On my iPad and my iPhone under calendars is a calendar called Birthdays, with a little package as an icon. This calendar does not exist on my Mac or in iCloud. I want to get rid of it, but I cannot figure out how. Please help me get rid of this annoyance.



CalendarYou can enable/disable the Birthday Calendar in iCal on your Mac via iCal > Preferences > General > Show Birthdays Calendar but on iOS there is no option to delete the calendar.

However, we can hide the Calendar’s event entries by going into the Calendar app, clicking “Calendars” in the upper left corner, scrolling to the bottom of the list and unchecking “Birthdays.” This will keep it from displaying birthday events on your iOS device calendar.

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My son (a former apple retail store “Specialist”) was helping me, last year, set up the iPhone 5 and sharing some itunes music from his account to mine. Somehow I ended up with all of his friends from his address book into my address book. Every day I get birthday announcements for these people. They are all young, college or later aged and I really do not want them in my address book or contact list.
I know not to display the birthday calendar but I want to get rid of all of these persons from my contact list.
How do I do that?
Thank you

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