How to Keep Applications Running in OS X


Michael writes: I use a program called iRed to control my Mac with my iPhone. Occasionally, the program will crash and I’m looking for a way to monitor the application and restart it if necessary.



The good news is that this functionality is already built in to OS X by way of launchd, the processes manager. The best way to manipulate launchd is via a third-party program, such as Lingon 3 ($2.99 from the Mac App Store).

Lingon Controls Launchd

Launch Lingon, click the New Job icon and give it a unique name. The choose the app you want to run and choose your options, such as “Keep running.” Alternatively you can schedule it to run at a specific interval or at certain times of day. That should keep iRed, or any other application on your Mac running as long as you choose.