Where Did iTunes Match go for non-Apple Music Subscribers?


Matt writes: When I upgraded my daughter's and my Windows laptops to iTunes, iTunes Match disappeared from both. I can't seem to locate it in any menu grayed out or not.

We have not activated Apple music.

It has also disappeared from my iPhone and iPad. Am I just missing it and it's right there? Should I expected refund for the balance of my subscription?


Great question, Matt. iTunes Match is still very much there for you and anyone else who subscribes to the service. It's just now hidden in the Preferences screen and bundled with a new feature under a new name: iCloud Music Library.

In iTunes > Preferences > General the "iCloud Music Library" checkbox is the one that enables iTunes Match nowadays, even if Apple Music is not enabled. Confusing, but... true. At least for now.

iTunes Preference window with iCloud Library (nee iTunes Match) highlightedCheck the iCloud Music Library box to enable iTunes Match, even if you don't use Apple Music

One word of warning: if you have more than 25,000 songs in your iTunes Library, do not disable iTunes Match. Whereas previously it would let you re-enable it and just ignore any songs beyond your 25k limit, the current version of iTunes will fail with vague errors if you have more than 25,000 and try to re-enable the feature. Leave it enabled and you'll be fine.