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  • Letters

    Nancy Carroll Gravley peeks into her mail bag to answer questions about dealing with background images on your Web browser…

  • Dance Icons, Dance!

    Kinetic Creations has released Kineticon1.7.1, a system extension replaces static icons with animated ones.

  • Help!  I’m A GoLive User And I Can’t Get Up

    Adobe GoLive users, help is on the way. Mac premium Media has made a new Adobe GoLive forum available called…

  • Yahoo! Summer Rally Resumes, Apple Climbs Higher

    Yahoo! topped Wall Street's expectations for its earnings last night. This morning everyone woke up and thought, hey, the Internet…

  • Remote Workflow Package Updated

    Group Logic has updated their remote proofing, ftp, and and workflow tool, MassTransit. Version 3.6 allows digital content creators to…