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August, 22nd August 2000

  • 4D Receives Honor

    The 4D Advanced Kit, part of 4th Dimension's RAD/RDBMS product line, recently received a perfect rating in a MacFever review.…

  • Bingo, Anyone?

    MAC-O-RAMA is holding another contest offering a variety of great prizes, this one called Beach Blanket Bingo. Users can log…

  • Network Rendering Engine Released

    Pixels Animation Studios has released the a new network rendering suite, Renderfarm In A Box. Renderfarm promises unsurpassed power and…

  • New Video Capture Card Released

    Aurora Video Systems has released the Ignitor Video Capture Card which offers 24 frames/second capture and playback. The new card…

  • AAPL Continues to Rally

    After a negative start, tech stocks pushed the Nasdaq up for the ninth day in a row. Old economy stocks…

August, 21st August 2000

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